Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Day: Part 2

Growing up in a Minnesota means I have a soft spot in my heart for snow.  I don't have a soft enough spot to ever want to live in  Minnesota during winter again, but  I certainly do appreciate a good snow storm every so often to keep the winter lively.  Virginia winters are perfect for me in that they're usually pretty mild, but with a good deal of unpredictability to always keep us wondering what the weather will be.  Some winters we see nary a flake and other winters we get a handful of small to medium size storms that keep us on our toes.   And then every four or five years or so,  we get the kind of storm that makes both me and the kids giddy with excitement!  10+ inches at one time gives me a huge dose of nostalgia for home, ensures that the kids are out of school for a few days, and gives everyone the opportunity to frolic in the snow!  

Last week's storm was one of those perfect storms and before the weekend was over I realized that I had taken a kajillion pictures of the fun we had.   Don't laugh, Minnesota friends!  Snow really is a big deal around here!  Here's a little glimpse at some more of the fun we had!  


I was so happy to see how neighbors rushed together to help another neighbor whose driveway had been blocked back in by the snowplow wake.   We live in a pretty keep-to-yourself kind of neighborhood, so I love that during snowstorms we get to talk to neighbors we rarely see otherwise!   

Cami about dropped this colorful carton of eggs when she opened them to make us a yummy breakfast during the snow days.  They were straight from the chicken coop of my friend, Shelly, who has a variety of hens, hence the variety of colors.  Once Cami realized that they were probably the freshest eggs she'd ever eaten in her life, she got quite excited about them! 


Adam stayed up late into the night on Thursday to keep working on his snow fort...

and it turned out to be a good thing he enjoyed it while he could, because it got to be 50-degrees on Friday and the fort was a sloppy mess before long.


Cami, Emma, and Ellie hosted their own little restaurant night at our house.  Cami and Emma did all the cooking and  Ellie took the orders and delivered all the food on roller blades.  

Veggie burgers with a quinoa base, topped with caramelized onions, fresh avocado, a fried egg, and freshly baked sweet potato fries…   YUM!!


In the past week-and-a-half, Cami has made 31 dozen cupcakes.  4 dozen for a regular order, 12 dozen for a fundraiser at Madison HS to raise money for cancer research, 5 dozen for a wedding, and  10 dozen for an impromptu Valentine's Day sale.  

I think this was her prettiest batch yet!  The coconut and vanilla/strawberry ones were my favorites this time, with the double chocolate close behind.  I am now swearing off sugar again….


We got another inch of snow last night (and another 2-hour delayed start of school) and now it is supposed to be in the 50's the rest of the week.  While I have enjoyed this wild and crazy winter, I do have to say that I'm quite excited about the springtime temps right about now!


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Jennifer McArthur said...

I love all the family fun you guys have together. Your kids are so creative! Reading this post made me smile.

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