Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today...Ice, Meltdowns, and Paint

*I had a total and complete meltdown about cupcakes today.   About 288 cupcakes to be precise.   Next FHE at our house is going to be about not overcommitting yourself and it will be directed at one particular teenage girl.

*We took our lives into our hands when we left our house today.  We got a very thin layer of ice overnight that coated everything, including our sidewalks, driveway, and grassy hill.  I literally thought I might have to have to crawl on my hands and knees to get back up to our front door as even the grass was as slippery as an ice skating rink.
*I think 5/7 people in our family may officially have all the words memorized to, "Let it Go," from the movie, Frozen.   I don't sound as good as this little girl, but I'm pretty sure with as much as we listen to the soundtrack that one of us will probably be chosen to be an understudy for Idina Menzel in her next movie.  

*It took my 1-1/2 hours to pick up Emma and Cami from school today.  Their schools are only a mile or so apart, but traffic coming home was so horrible (and unrelated to the aforementioned ice) that it almost made me want to bake a couple hundred cupcakes instead of sitting another minute in the car.

*Yesterday we finished getting our kitchen and living room painted.   Now it's just the floors and decorating and we will finally be done!  Are we always this slow when it comes to house projects?  Yes.  Yes, we are.
The blue and brown are gone, gone, gone!!!

*I am only blogging tonight because I am still grumpy.  

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Jennifer McArthur said...

Love the new paint in the living room. It looks great! I can certainly sympathize with what it's like to have hundreds of cupcakes take over your kitchen and, well, let's be honest, pretty much the whole house. That many cupcakes don't fit on the counter top alone, now do they?! :)

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