Thursday, February 27, 2014

The REST of the Story

 I called the university post office the other day to find out what was happening to Spencer's mail, since (as mentioned in the last post) I had been addressing it to the wrong box all year and he was not receiving any of it.    I was more than a little surprised when the  mailroom employee, Sheryl, knew exactly who Spence was out of the approximately 20,000 students who have their mailboxes at the university.

It turns out that not that many people get personal letters sent to them on a weekly basis.

And even fewer of them have those personal letters are consistently addressed to the wrong box number.

Sheryl knew of Spencer because his box was chock full of misaddressed letters that she had gone out of her way to put in the right box.  

Come to find out, there is a separate place where he receives university mail and package notifications, which he does check on a regular basis.  But it was not until we started researching why he wasn't getting any of my mail, did we learn that he has an actual US postal service mailbox as well that HE HASN'T CHECKED ALL YEAR!!!!!
So he got months' worth of letters all in one fell swoop and I am now feeling really dumb about that postcard I sent.



Andrea said...

Are you serious? That's crazy. This is a good heads up when I send Allen letters in ten years. What a funny story!

Sarah Cannon said...

Oops? That's hilarious!

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Dad got a really good laugh out of your update. So glad everything is all straightened out and Spencer has his mail.

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