Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hair and There, and Some Good Quotes

Read all the way down to get to the good quotes: 

By popular request, here are the before and after pictures of my hair…. 

Before:   long, thick, no layers, several inches of grown out gray/white roots, color that faded to blond

After (styled by the hairdresser):   a little shorter, thinned, lots of layers (which I don't love), darker color on top, color on bottom left alone

3 weeks later on a Sunday (styled by me):   already 1/2-inch of grown out gray/white roots (best seen  at the part), still trying to figure out how to style it.   Blow drying it and using a large-barrelled curling iron are the only ways I've found that work….too bad that would wreak havoc with my hair (and my time) if I did that to it more than once a week or so.   

3-1/2 weeks later on a beautiful sunny day in California (air dried, no styling):  

So the last picture is how my hair looks most days.   I love the color, but don't love how thin and layered it is now.   I usually only take the time to do anything with my hair on Sundays, so I need a wash and go style for next time!  

In the meantime, though, I'm missing this at home….

and instead am wearing short sleeves, capris, and looking out the window at this right now.   

Stay tuned for more details on the super great deal we got to get us here!!!   


Recently Overheard Quotes:   

"I like California because it has lots of pools, beaches, and lemons."    
Ellie (age 9)

Random young man at an indoor track meet to Cami:   "Do you have a bandaid?"

Cami:  "No, but I think the athletic trainers over there do.

Young man:  "Oh, because I scraped my knee just now….  when I fell for you."  

AnnaLisa (age 31), while trying on a complicated pair of sandals:  "I shouldn't be allowed to be an adult."

Kids eating lunch at the table,  trying to figure out the 5-uses of Kristina's "5-in-1 griddle":
a panini press…. a grill for cooking meat…. a statement piece for your bathroom?

"I'm glad I'm homeschooled so I don't have to learn gross stuff."


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