Friday, January 16, 2015

Worst Date Ever

Mr. BM (actual initials) did not see what was coming, when he invited nice little Lara on a date to go golfing with him.

While I had never been golfing before (other than putt-putting), I was actually pretty excited about it.  Golfing doesn't look that hard when you watch the pros do it on television and I thought it would actually be a really nice way to walk and talk and get to know someone.

It would have been hard  for anyone to envision that a mere two minutes into our date, though, that Mr. BM would be flat on his back, eyes glazed over, and completely unconscious.  

  I had swung with exuberance thinking I was swinging just like the pros on tv, but apparently my form was a bit off.   And he was standing too close to me.  I had knocked him out cold with my very first swing of the club.

 People rushed from everywhere to offer assistance while I just hung back feeling rather sheepish! Thankfully he was only out for a minute or two and seemed dazed, but okay afterward.   Even without lasting injury, for some reason Mr. BM did not take my unintentional assault very well and he completely avoided me ever after that day.

Except for the one time he came to visit me at work a couple of years later, after I was married to Glen,  to randomly show me his new brain surgery scar, that so happened to be on the same side of his head as where the golf club had hit him.

He didn't say that it had anything to do with me (and to my credit,  it was a couple of years later), but still I've always wondered….


So, can anyone top that for a worst date ever?   If so, I'd love to hear about it!  


karen said...

that is the best story ever!

Ruth said...

Mine isn't so funny, but way worse! It was for Valentines day and my date was late. Then after he got there he took me out and made me stand, coatless, in the rain while he smoked. At dinner he spent the whole time complaining about the couple with us, while they were there, and then at the dance he ditched me!
What do you say, did I top it?

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