Sunday, January 18, 2015

Strange, but True

My life certainly isn't overly exciting, but with five kids, there's also rarely a dull moment.   Here are a few things that have been keeping things lively around here:
  • A hairdresser scolded me at my annual hair appointment for grossly neglecting my hair, then got excited at the blank slate that  my grown-out, but healthy hair provided for her.   She then proceeded to give me a blow-out color job and layered cut.  I don't know exactly what a blow-out color means, but I like it and it was fun to see how excited she was to bring me (and my hair) back into the 21st century.   I also really liked that the hairdresser had an opinion and am hoping to go back sooner than a year later, especially since she also informed me that my hair is now almost 100% gray.  Thank you Hepworth genetics and Spencer for that!  
  • I recently made about 300 mini quiches from scratch for a Relief Society women's conference and was rewarded with a 10-minute massage from a professional masseuse for doing it.    Seriously…sign me up again anytime!   
  • I woke up, got ready for the day on Saturday, then started to walk out the door when Emma complimented me on my shoes.   Surprised, because I knew I had put on tennis shoes,  I looked down and discovered that I was wearing one black and one brown shoe.   Thank goodness for kids to save me from own fashion ineptitude! 
  •  Emma really, really wants to be homeschooled through high school.  It was not our original intention to do so, but we are going through the process of determining whether that is a commitment we are ready to tackle.   

  • This afternoon one of my kids got frustrated with a sibling and  jumped on his  back in an attempt to tackle him.  My kids get frustrated with each other all the time, but this was a really unusually over-the-top reaction and I immediately started laughing at them and their dramatics.   Unfortunately I couldn't stop laughing even when the scene evolved into a made-for-televsion duel when the tackled sibling lost his balance after being tackled, sending both of them stumbling forward, and resulting in one of them hitting her head on the counter before falling in a heap on the floor.   Thankfully no one was really hurt--except for their pride--and I eventually pulled it together and gave them a good talking-to….with only a little laughing.  
  • I made a year's worth of monthly writing topics, and am trying to encourage my family to write an essay on the theme each month.  I am hoping to collect a lot of fun family stories and eventually print them into a book.   So far, though, my efforts have been wildly unsuccessful and the best work I've done with it in the first few weeks of 2015 is writing this silly  fictional account of a worst date ever for my sister.    I wrote it in an effort to get everyone's attention and get them excited to write down their own stories, but alas, I still haven't received even one story yet!     


Ruth said...

I want to see a picture of your new hairdo!

Lillian said...

Me too! Show us your new 'do!

Happy 2015!

Valerie H. said...

I know exactly how it feels to have white hair in my thirties. Some restaurant gave me senior discount when I was in my earlie thirties. Is your hair gray or white like the Hepworths?

Lara said...

Ruth and Lillian, I'll try to remember to take a picture of it next time I do something other than throw it in a ponytail…probably Sunday.

Valerie, My hair is pretty darn white. And thanks for thinking I'm still in my thirties. :)

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