Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind and supportive comments on this post.    I'd been tweaking that post for months and it really was a leap of faith to publish.   I may be adept at blogging about what we're up to, but I am decidedly not adept at blogging about how I'm feeling.   Thank you for extending your support to me.  :) 

On another note, here are a few more snapshots from our Christmas break….  

We finally made it to see the DC temple lights!  

 It's one of our favorite traditions of the season, but sadly we often get pretty frustrated by the throngs of people there, especially when we go to watch a show.  This year we missed the performances we were most interested in, so we opted to go low stress all the way.  We arrived right at dusk and
completely missed the long lines to see the international creche exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed our more relaxed walk around the grounds to see the lights.

This Alaskan nativity was one of my favorites!

Another one of the favorite things we did this holiday season was to participate in a musical performance at a local nursing home.  
It was us and four other homeschooling families, so every person got to be a full participant in the concert.  We sang several songs together, then Ellie sang a solo of "We Three Kings" while Emma accompanied her.    Later Emma sang, "O Holy Night."   Both did a beautiful job.  

Afterward we spent some time talking with the residents.  

I think everyone was a tad nervous about initiating conversations with total strangers, but the residents were so friendly that it didn't take long before they put us right at ease.  

It turned out to be a fantastic experience and a wonderful memory that we will cherish.    
Thank you to my friend, Rachel, for making it happen!


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Rachel said...

hooray for the "Rachel Spigarelli" show! :) Love the picture of your kids in front of the temple!

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