Thursday, May 7, 2015

Self Defense!

Recently we arranged for our local police department to come do a self-defense presentation for the Young Women in our ward. The girls were surprisingly excited about the opportunity to do some hands-on practice kicking, punching, and yelling. Even Ellie got in on the action! Hopefully no one will ever have to use any of these skills in real-life, but in any case, they're a little more prepared than they used to be!

Here are my notes from the night:

*Don't fall for people saying they need your help. It's not just a trick to lure kids away; many perpetrators also use this tactic on adults as well. Always say you're calling 911 for them (and get away).
* Most crimes are committed by someone you know, so TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS if something feels off

#2 Be aware of your surroundings 
*Don't get distracted by texts, phone calls, etc. (especially in parking garages, parking lots, and along trails/sidewalks)
*Pay attention to who and what's going on around you, especially when you're outside by yourself (day or night)

#3 Use your voice
*If something doesn't seem right, start making noise
*Don't just scream without purpose, be specific and loud (even if you think no one else is around)
*Say things like, "Get away from me." "I don't know you" "I'm calling 911" "Stay back."

#4 Stun and run
*Back up to give yourself space and time
*First goal is to get away--do whatever it takes (while making as much noise as possible)

#5 Using your tools/vulnerable locations

*Use elbows, hand, head, knees, feet, finger, teeth...whatever you can to hurt them
*Aim for their vulnerable parts (nose, eyes, throat, groin, feet, shins, etc)
*If grabbed by arm, hit them as hard as possible on the arm that's holding yours, twist and pull away at the same time.
*If grabbed from behind, use your elbows to throw them off balance

#6 Tell a trusted person
*Tell a trusted person ASAP what has happened, whether the perpetrator was a stranger or someone you knew

We've had some really great YW activities lately, one of which I'll definitely be blogging about soon. For the record, I love my calling and I love these wonderful young women!

(oops! I totally didn't mean to blog twice in one day!)


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