Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Mom is....

My mom is...

an example of discipline.  
I've outweighed her most of my adult life (even in my thinner days) and she is an example of putting aside what's comfortable for what's best.    

an extreme introvert who loves her alone time.
But she is also willing to sacrifice that alone time to spend time with her loved ones.

a passionate and opinionated political guru.  
She follows politics closely in the news and has A LOT to say if you get her started! 

frugality embodied.  
She does not waste anything.  If there are two bites of food left on someone's plate, rather than tossing it like I would, she wraps it up and saves it for later.   And no container that came with a lid ever gets tossed until it is broken and unusable.  Milk jugs, mayo jars, soda bottles...all have a second life under my mom's care.  

 a devoted follower of Christ. 
Her faith is a rock that has never wavered and her devotion to the gospel is an inspiration to me. 

a great listener. 
Whenever I am feeling frustrated with daily life, I can count on my mom to listen to my woes without judgment.   

 an awesome mom and grandma! 
She sends birthday cards, talks to the kids on the phone,  reads to them, and will patiently sit and  listen to the most boring stories ever because she is awesome like that.  

We love you, Mom!   
Happy Mother's Day!

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