Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's been a busy few weeks filled with good things that have kept me away from the blog.  There are several things I hope to get to blog about eventually, but today was too eventful to let another day go by.    Here's a glimpse at today...

Adam gave his first talk in sacrament meeting today.    It was a special experience working with him to write his talk and I think it turned out well.    Click here to read it.

Cami and her best friend (and future roommate), Katy, received their YW recognition awards together today.  It was a long time coming and I am so proud of their hard work to earn it!

Right after church we headed off to award ceremony where Cami received the "Women in Sports" spirit of sports award for her high school.   They chose one nominee from each high school and this was the district award ceremony where all the nominees were honored.   

The two nominees from FCHS.

 Cami was the "Spirit of Sports" award nominee and Preethi (pictured with Cami), our neighbor, was the "Sportswoman" award nominee.

After the very long ceremony, we came home and went on a family walk in the sticky weather, Emma made us delicious meatball sandwiches for dinner (from scratch), and I am excited to stay up later than normal to blog because there's no more seminary for the year!  

It was a great day and we are proud of our kiddos!  

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R said...

Congratulations Cami that is quite an honor to win the spirit of sports for the whole school.

Loved Adams talk. Short, sweet, and to the point using your own personal experiences too. Wish I could have been there.

And Emma making meatball sandwiches from scratch sounds yummy.

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