Thursday, May 14, 2015


For a recent young women activity,  we had the girls make #ShareGoodness posters for each of the young men.   It was based loosely on the share goodness campaign that the church had put out, trying to encourage people to share uplifting and inspiring things on social media.  A counselor and I came up with the concept of these posters ourselves and I think we were just as excited about them as the girls were.  

Beforehand I had gathered pictures of each of the YM, which the girls glued to the center of each poster.  We then just provided them with colored sharpies and encouraged them to write down sincere and meaningful compliments on each poster.    One of the YW leaders went around and edited them for egregious grammatical errors (changing "your" into "you're" mostly) and I took them home to read through and make sure all the comments were appropriate (they were) and to help my girls add to a couple of boys' posters who the girls didn't know as well.  

It turned out to be a fun activity that meant a lot to the girls and it was so fun to see the boys'  faces when the young women presented them with their posters the next Sunday!

 Adam was a big fan of his poster and now has it hanging on his bedroom wall.   It was cute to watch him read through his compliments and speculate how people knew certain things about him!  

It was our hope that all the young men will feel a little wonder when they look at their posters and know  that their goodness has been noticed...and makes a difference!   


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Rachel said...

Wow! What a great idea! So encouraging to those Young Men.

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