Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Siri Humor and Other Randomness

When we recently upgraded our phones, we were excited to discover that we had the Siri app for the first time.   Siri, for those of you who aren't iPhone users, is an app that allows you to verbally ask questions and make requests.   Siri, in the form of an ever patient  female voice then responds to you.  It's great for asking directions, sending texts, or making phone calls hands-free in the car.  

Or if you are Adam, it's also great for asking  silly and rhetorical questions like, "Why are firetrucks red?"   Siri, with her unpredictable humor, sometimes has an awesome answer...

Ellie likes the humor too, however,  recently she has discovered a new favorite kind of request.

She asks Siri to show her pictures of cute baby animals.       

Following the request, we hear oohs and aahs!

After which she goes on immediately to her next request.   

 I have to admit that it's pretty hard to stay grumpy or mad with that kind of cuteness going on around me!   Leave it to Ellie to bring a smile to all of our faces!  

In other news on the home front....

Spencer is home for a little while and we finally got to celebrate his birthday.  

Cami is in the thick of AP exams and other stressors, but got asked to Mormon Prom today by her friend Rex. 

It had been discussed that they were going together weeks ago, but with MoPro happening this weekend, I guess he figured it was finally time to officially ask her.   

And with that...off I go to Spence's 3-year oncology check-up....stay tuned! 


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annalisa said...

I love that, why are fire trucks red, answer!

Happy belated birthday, Spence!

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