Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Quick Little Jaunt in the Snow

January 31:  Growing up in Minnesota meant that snow and cold were pretty run of the mill for me and my siblings.  We liked to play in the snow as much as the next kids, but because we knew the snow wasn't going anywhere for several months, we knew we could play in it whenever we wanted.   My kids, however, know that snow never lasts very long around here, usually only a day or two, so they have to get their fill when they have the chance.   Of course the 2+ feet of snow we just got is lasting a little longer than the average snowfall, but it's melting fast and my kids are sensing that their opportunity for fun in the snow is quickly coming to an end.   

So when the temperature was 55º when we got home from church on Sunday, I had to laugh a little when Ellie just couldn't resist taking a quick sled run down the hill in her church clothes.  I had to suppress my motherly instinct to demand that she at least put on long pants, a jacket, and boots before endeavoring out into the snow, but, hey,  it was warm, she's 10,  and it did make for a sweet picture!    


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R said...

Such an adorable picture showing some of her vivacious personality.

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