Thursday, February 11, 2016

Puppy Love

February 11:   

If you were to randomly take a look at my phone and scroll through the camera roll, you'd almost certainly come across a spate of pictures that looks about like this:  

It's a certain little 10-year-old in the house that really, really loves our sweet pug/beagle mix, Rocky!

 He barks too much, gets into the trash, chews holes in our socks, and tries to steal the people food, but he's also gentle, snuggly, and very patient with our bustling houseful.   We've had him for more than six years now and the kids still love him as much today as the day we got him.   The kids love when it's their turn for him to sleep in their bed he gets to sleep in and at this point  I only have to bug them occasionally about taking care of his daily needs.  

I am totally not a pet person, but he's definitely grown on me over the years and I am to the point where I would even consider getting another dog someday in the future.   The kids have stuck true to their word that I would never clean up his messes, although I do have to remind of them of that promise sometimes.    I still mostly keep my distance from him, but I don't mind a good Rocky snuggle if we're sitting down to watch a movie or something.  

Here are some interesting facts about Rocky:  
1.  He had just been dropped off  at the pound, when a friend called to tell us about him
2. We adopted him when he was about 1 year old and we were his third owners.
3. His original name was Oliver
4. Spence and Cami chose the name, Rocky
5. He's about seven years old, which in dog years makes him the oldest member of our household. 
6.  I think his crazy loud door greetings are a strong deterrent from friends coming in our house all the way when they drop by unexpectedly. 

If you live close by and ever want to come by and get your fill of puppy love without actually owning one yourself, give me a call!   We love to share! 


LATE ADDITION (added Friday morning 2/12/16): 
These are the cute little Valentines that Ellie helped me design this morning.   They fit so well with the blogpost, I figured this was as good a place as any to add it in.  :) 

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Caniformia Canidae said...

Rocky! He is very cute, in spite of his loudness.

There may or may not be quite a few pictures of him on my phone, too.

(I want a dog.)

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