Thursday, February 4, 2016

Small Things

February 2:  It was a day of small things.   

 Normally it's a small, insignificant thing we never think of, but today started off with the happy news that the garbage finally got picked up!  Because of all the snow, it had been a full two weeks since the last pick-up and it was definitely starting to become a problem!  

Later another small thing became a reason to smile when I went to buy gas and realized that the price per gallon was the cheapest I'd seen in well over a decade! 

We also went to a science co-op, went to Oliverio at the Kennedy Center, the groundhog didn't see his shadow (which was a little weird since it was bright and sunny today),  and we made dinner for a friend, which brought us to the last and best small thing of the day!   

Sweet little Paisley Jane.  

She was tiny and perfect, and Ellie and I loved having the chance to snuggle her!   

It all reminded me of this scripture from the Book of Mormon, where an ancient prophet stated that:  


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