Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blogpost #2001

Blog, schmog.  
Glen is back in town and suddenly I can't figure out how to blog again.    Or take pictures.  
But today's blogpost is my 2001st, so I'm putting up the only two {very boring} pictures I've taken in the last two days.   And I'm giving it the most boring title ever.   And I'm writing the most boring descriptions ever.   

 February 16:  Here's a random snow bridge that was formed with the weird snowstorm we got on Monday.  It snowed about 4-inches, then it sleeted which coated everything with a layer of ice, then eventually it warmed up and rained and made everything slushy.   Snow, sleet, slush.  

February 17:   Yes, we're still doing the Whole30 diet and we're definitely getting better at it as the month goes on.    Tonight we made a shepherd's pie.    It was ground turkey and some sautéed vegetables covered in this dairy-free sauce made with broth instead of water, and then topped with mashed sweet potatoes and coconut milk.   It actually turned out very tasty!

Then I clipped my fingernails, washed socks, and sent Spence on a wild goose chase.  

Happy 2001st blogpost to me! 


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