Monday, May 14, 2007

ABCQRSTUV Sing With Me!!!!

Ellie also grew weary of waiting for Daddy to come with the keys, so following the very un-lady-like example of her older sisters, she too tried her hand at tree climbing. She did get her feet off the ground, but thankfully not much further.
Shortly thereafter while we were driving (thanks for joining us Daddy!) we noticed
that Ellie was in the back singing.

Now singing is a pretty recently acquired skill for Ellie and although her voice is very

sing-songy, she’s not quite on tune yet, so it’s sometimes hard to recognize
what she is singing. After listening for a bit we realize that she’s very proudly
singing the alphabet song, “ABCQRSTUV sing with me!” Of course, she was SO excited when we figured it out that she demanded that we sing it with her no fewer than 6 times through.

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