Monday, May 21, 2007

Cakewalking adventures at the school Spring Picnic!

Our very enthusiastic Emma, eager to try her hand at cakewalking (OK...maybe the eagerness had more to do with the consumption part than the actual winning it) won this cake after only 2 rounds...which was good because I'm not sure how many more $1 tickets I was willing to dole out for her cause!

After acquiring this edible work of art we were informed that the parent who had made and decorated her cake was none other than one of President Bush’s personal chefs. Emma and cake were quite the show-stoppers the rest of the night as we toted the cake on the top of our stroller and dozens of people had to stop and ogle over it. Unfortunately the cake proved to be much more impressive looking than tasting.
FYI Emma won third place in the cake decorating contest for K-3 age group (sorry--no pictures of her creation).

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