Monday, May 14, 2007

Speechless...a true story

We were running late for Adam's dentist check-up this morning. We raced in from the parking lot to the elevator where a tall, older woman of about 70 was already waiting. She was very friendly and immediately engaged the children in talking and button pushing. She spoke in a very heavy German accent and proceeded in small talk conversation with us for the couple of minutes until she reached her floor. As she was stepping out of the elevator she turned and said "It's so nice to see blond, fair-skinned children. I just don't see them often enough anymore." Ummmm....was that a compliment?


K said...

That's a really funny story!

Steve said...

Sounds like you ran into a real "Nazi" still yearning for the virtues of a true Aryan nation.

Can't be too many of them still alive! Thankfully....

Very, very funny.

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