Friday, May 25, 2007

Short sleeves are evil...

Or so Adam believes. Even on 90° days with his face glowing with sweat, Adam refuses to wear shorts or short sleeves. Spencer had similar adjustment issues when he was about Adam’s age, but his stubbornness was shorter lived. He would usually give in to the comfort of the cooler clothes after about a week of being over-dressed.

Adam is proving to be much more adamant (no pun intended…at first anyway). He even resisted Mommy’s trick of making them all disappear out of his drawer and having them replaced with his cool new short sleeved ones (can you believe he’s refusing car, train, BYU, and turtle shirts so he can keep wearing his old favorites?)

Oh well! Spencer now tries to wear shorts in January, so we figure Adam will eventually outgrow this stage and over-compensate for it at a later age.

1 comment:

Twinkies said...

Adam is funny! Didn't Spencer try and wear shorts all winter a few years ago? Seems like your boys have their seasons mixed up.

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