Monday, May 28, 2007

Flying high at the new Air and Space Museum

After numerous times of visiting the downtown DC Air and Space museum, we decided to try the new Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum out by the Dulles Airport. It's quite large and built to look like an airplane hangar with an observation tower and all. (Note Adam's winter clothing wearing continues...)

Spencer had been there once before for Scouts and knew that wearing his Heely's in there would be very cool and save him from actually having to walk. Well...he enjoyed them for a short time, before the Heely police came (seriously, they even carry the tool needed for removing the wheel) and put his cruising to an end!

Probably everyone's (except Mom and Ellie) favorite activity of the day was trying out this flight simulator (above). It was actually quite a bumpy, jerky ride that lasted about 5 minutes that looked unpleasant enough from the sidelines. Apparently Adam screamed at one point that he wanted to get out, and one of the other children in the ride was about to press the emergency stop button, but luckily Glen was able to comfort Adam quickly and they didn't get their ride cut short.

Another fun experience was the observation deck. It was a gorgeous view of the Dulles airport and surrounding areas. Of course the first thing everyone had to do was locate our car in the parking lot, because you know seeing your car from above is always enlightening!

Here is AnnaLisa bravely trying to get Spencer to pose willingly for a picture. Obviously it was only semi-successful as we decided that it looks like she's about to throw Spence out of the Observation tower.

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Matthew K said...

AnnaLisa please refrain from throwing people out of windows. Remember what happened the last three times you threw someone out of a window.

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