Monday, December 17, 2007

Annual Gingerbread House Party!

Gingerbread houses are such a fun part of the holidays for me and the kids too. Despite the extreme craziness of the time of year, I try to set aside one afternoon or evening for the kids to invite friends over to join in on this sweet tradition.
Although family starts arriving tomorrow, Ellie's been quite ill, and my list of things to do is's our dining room table converted to gingerbread house construction zone! There were TWELVE kids here to join in (although Spence's friends only ate the candy and played Nerf gun wars the rest of the time).

Adam and his friend, Garrett with their creations!

Cami and Megan with their elaborate designs that ended up looking a lot like churches.

Emma with her friends, Morgan and Elena. Emma and Elena had some collapsing issues, but it did nothing to diminish the fun and thrill of using sweet treats as construction materials!

Even Ellie wanted to join in on the fun. She was still too weak to do much, as even sitting up at the table seemed strenuous to her. However she still wanted to hold her own house and pose for a picture then pull off the sides and eat them. (Today Ellie finally starting talking, responding, and smiling again...tomorrow we're hoping for walking too.)


mom said...

It looks like the lids had great fun and were very creative.

Anonymous said...

how fun! i can't wait to see you all soon! al

K said...

Looks like a fabulous tradition!

I'm glad Ellie is mostly feeling better!

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