Saturday, December 15, 2007


Here's my poor baby who has spent yesterday and today lying on the kitchen floor...completely pathetic! Until early this morning she was throwing up instantly after even half teaspoons of Pedialyte. Thankfully she has not vomited today and has been able to keep a little liquid down, so hopefully the worst is over.

In the meantime...we're waiting for our sweet Ellie smiles to return! :(


K said...

Poor, sweet Ellie! I sure hope she starts to feel better really soon!

Karey said...

Oh, poor little baby :( How sad!!

Anonymous said...

i hope she feels better soon. how sad. al

Ashby said...

Poor thing! I'm pretty sure that's the same thing my Emma had last Saturday. It hit Brooklyn on Monday, and me on Wednesday. Ugh....the worst stomach flu ever! Hope she's feeling better and it steers clear of Christmas!

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