Friday, December 28, 2007

Full House!

Seven siblings and seven cousins

"Christmas in Virginia next year!" Little did I realize when my parents made this declaration last year, that everyone would take it so seriously. So five of my seven siblings and my parents made the trek to our house and made it a very fun, exciting Christmas here in VA...with a grand total of fifteen people sleeping and eating here!

The only ones who didn't stay here were my brother Pete, who lives locally and just welcomed a new little baby into their home a few days before Christmas. And my sister, Kristina who lives in CA and is expecting a new little baby any day!

My kids are reveling in all of the aunt/uncle/grandparent attention and staying up way too late in the process. I fear a grumpy, lonely rebellion in a few days after everyone has left!

I, too, have been enjoying the reupholstered dining room chairs, reorganized closets, pleasant conversations, board game challengers, and free babysitting that has accompanied the influx of visitors. I'm sure that my own withdrawal symptoms will be acute when "real life" hits hard very soon!

We can do Christmas in Virginia any time and to all of you that have already left...


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