Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nutcracker Excitement

Part of the fun of the holiday season is all of the concerts we get to attend. Spencer's middle school band concert was Tuesday night where Spence was clarinet player extraordinaire! And tonight was their elementary school's production of the Nutcracker, in which Cami had three parts.
Cami with her three best friends..Mikhaela, Megan, and Ariana
wearing Russian, Arabian, and reed flute costumes

It was a fantastic program which was a lot of work for all involved...especially the school's music teachers, art teacher, and a parent volunteer who sewed dozens of costumes herself.

Glen is out of town, so I was on my own in the audience with the other four kids...a challenging enough prospect in and of itself. But to add to the thrill and excitement of the evening Ellie used this opportunity to throw up for the first time this season!

At least my life is never dull.

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Anonymous said...

Your life is definitely never dull. Hopefully Ellie will be better soon, and noone else will get sick. Nice costumes they have on. Maybe Spencer will play his clarinet for us while we are there.


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