Friday, December 7, 2007

Sugar and spice; Snails and puppy dog tails...

As the mother of 2 boys and 3 girls I've come to see first hand the gender differences that kids are born with.

When Spencer was only 6 months old he could throw a ball across the problem and boy did he have a knack for making the simplest objects into weapons. He could shoot a plastic golf club across the room by pulling back on a plastic hanger and using it as a very effective bow. One time Adam came home from a friend's house telling me that he'd played with dolls while he was there...ohhh how sweet, right? Then he went on to explain that they were using them as sort of a target practice by throwing them at the wall. Okay I guess I am not as impressed, but it certainly made more sense! Of course I think my boys are also very sweet and sensitive, but it comes right down to it they love dinosaurs, cars, weapons, and all the other stereotypical boy paraphernalia.

Adam and his friend playing with dirt, rocks, and sticks

Our little girls have been as girly as our boys have been boy-y (sorry I know that's not a word)! They've all loved dolls and dress-ups and sparkly things...but out of all my girls I daresay Ellie takes the cake on girliness! Not only does she have a strong passion for her dolls, spending HOURS each day dressing and undressing them (Barbies, Polly Pockets, American Girls, Build-A-Bears...she doesn't care, she loves them all), but she even will turn her fingers into dolls when there are no real ones around (a very rare occurrence). Her pinky is the sister finger, then the brother finger, then the Mom finger, Dad finger, and her thumb is the bad guy finger...and she's consistent about which is which! She also completely refuses to eat from any dish that is not pink, calling them her "girl bowl" or "girl cup". Of course this obsession with pink also means that she considers all non-pink clothing "boy clothes". So just to ensure that no one ever question her girliness... her pink, flowery tutu rounds out just about every outfit.

Ellie and her "girl bowl"!

Being a Mom is fun!


Anonymous said...

You are up awful late. I looked at your blog 5 minutes ago and the snow blog was the latest blog. I am glad I checked again. Cute pics and I love the story.

Dad and Mom

Twinkies said...

I like the photo of Adam playing in the dirt. You have very funny and cute kids.

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