Monday, December 8, 2008

Grandma's Snowflakes

Meet Grandma Hepworth: She's 93 years old, the mother of 11, grandmother to 60+, and great-grandmother to many more!

Often in my years as a mother I've been inspired by her courage and faithfulness in raising eight daughters and three sons on a farm in the mountains of Wyoming. She nurtured them, taught them, loved them, and worked tirelessly side by side with my grandfather taking care of the farm...all with a happy heart. Her cheerfulness even into widowhood, arthritis, and oxygen tanks encourages me to have a greater appreciation for wherever I'm at in my life. She is an amazing lady in every sense.

Although lazy and untalented in comparison, I like to think I inherited my love for creating things from her. She sewed, crocheted, and knitted countless beautiful creations. Then selflessly shared them with her children and grandchildren (and remember there were A LOT of us).

My two boys have each worn this same hand-knit sweater, that had in turn been worn by each of my four brothers before. And it's still in perfect shape.

And check out these gorgeous handmade crocheted snowflakes. Notice how each one is unique.

I treasure each one and love the memories they bring to my heart each Christmas time. Memories of my grandmother, memories of her love and devotion to her family, to sharing, and to the gospel.

We love you Grandma!


Deanne said...

She sounds like an amazing woman, just like you! =)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Sweet and touching tribute Lara.

Thanks for putting this together.

Mom and I saw her at Thanksgiving and again at her place this past week.

Amazing that she just keeps on keeping on, but she is slowly losing some of her independence.

Still an amazing woman at 93 years of age.


Denise said...

She sounds awesome. And you do sound just like her!

Pete said...

That sweater must be made of some magic material. If the six of us who have worn it since the 1970s have not successfully destroyed it, then it probably cannot be destroyed. The military should hire Grandma Hepworth to make them some indestructible uniforms.

Andie said...

Awesome tribute to your grandma. Those ornaments are beautiful!

JenJ said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to read about the giants among us.

The Six Little Texans... said...

Grandma is amazing. When we saw her this summer I was overcome by how much she loved me and my children. How can you avoid wanting to live up to that?!

Matthew said...

I was shot at least five times while wearing that sweater and the bullets just bounced off. Peter is right, it is indestructible. Unfortunately, Peter was confused when he decided to hit me in the head with a metal bat (twice), because the sweater did not cover my head. But that explains a lot about me, huh.

Matthew said...

Grandma has left a great legacy and example for her descendants to follow. Karey and I are very glad that Lincoln has had the opportunity to meet her. She really is an amazing woman.

mom said...

Yes, she is amazing. Not only does she make beautiful crafts, she is a great mom too. Just wish I had taken the time to learn some of those crafts from her. That sweater is definitely a family heirloom and it's machine washable too.

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