Monday, December 1, 2008

Maid Service

Hired help is hard to find these days. Believe me I know. I've had the same cleaning team cleaning my house for the last decade or so, and after many years of ups and downs they just now have started to do a pretty reasonable job for the price [most of the time anyway].

Recently they had someone new join the cleaning team. I was a little skeptical at first when she came to me begging for a chance to scrub our hall bathroom, but when she told me her price I decided it wouldn't hurt to give her a try.

Imagine my surprise when this newbie jumped right in scrubbing the toilet, shining the sink, and scrubbing the floor without any instruction or complaint.

Her hard-work, enthusiasm, and cute accent won me over instantly and so it was with visions of a sparkling house that I hired the young lady on the spot!

Don't even bother calling...she's too busy cleaning our house.


K said...

Come on Lara! Are you sure you can't send her my way when she's done scrubbing your place?

I wish Andrew had the desire to clean our bathroom!!!!

The Busby Family said...

That is great, I can't wait till Lincoln starts cleaning, he is really into making messes now, I'm hoping soon he will change.

Lara said...

Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news Lisa, but the kids (all of them) still make way more messes than they clean!

Denise said...

Our service is spotty at best. I have considered firing them...but really, who would do the work then?

Free is better than good, almost every time.

Mika said...

She is such a CUTIE!

Kim said...

Just one, couldn't just one out of five want to be "helpful"!! No I tell you I was ripped off!

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