Sunday, December 21, 2008

I [Heart] the Mailman

I always like getting the mail, but starting the day after Thanksgiving I become addicted to listening out for the tell-tale sounds of the mail truck coming down the street. I quickly throw aside all the boring bills, catalogs, and ads and head straight for those handwritten envelopes that can only mean one thing....Christmas cards!

You may think addicted is a strong word for Christmas cards, but alas in my case it is probably an understatement. I run to the mailbox as soon as I hear the truck on our side of the street and if there doesn't happen to be any Christmas cards (gasp!) in the pile, I'll go back outside to make sure I didn't drop anything (seriously...).

To me the perfect Christmas card has a nice newsy letter and a fun family picture. I can't help but feel a touch of disappointment when I get a letterless picture or a pictureless letter. I love hearing their highlights of the year AND seeing if I have more/less gray hair than them.

I'm just as addicted to sending Christmas cards as I am to receiving them. I scout my pictures all through the year for the ONE that could be the Christmas photo. I intentionally do not place the possible candidates on the blog or on my facebook page, so that I can keep it the special photo just for the Christmas card.

Which one would you choose?

Then it's time for the letter. It can't be too long. Or too short. Or too boring. So I sit at the computer and ponder, start typing, delete, and ponder some more...until I've got it. I'll do a WANTED poster. Never mind that it is so long I had to use a legal size sheet of long as people don't submit my 'novel' to one of the worst Christmas letter ever lists then I'm good.

With the photos and the letters all done, I then forgo all sleep, exercise, and vegetable and I sit with a plate of Christmas goodies (preferably toffee) and I write, write, and write some more. I handwrite the addresses, personal notes, and address updates. And I love it.

[Not on my list yet? Don't mind receiving boring novel-length letters? Leave me your email and I'll add you to my list.]


annalisa said...

i loved your newsletter! it is unique and beautiful! i like the second picture, the one on the cards. and you are amazing!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Mom and I couldn't agree more about the joy of receiving Christmas cards each year.

And your picture card and "Wanted Poster" were both works of art. How fun and how creative! How Lara!

Last year for the first time in more than 25 years we did not find the time to write a Christmas newsletter. Actually we sat down and started a letter on several different occasions last December, but were too busy and finally abandoned the project causing much guilt-induced stress.

Alas, our "boring" family letters are horribly non-technical and have never included any pictures.

Perhaps next year!

In any case-awesome creations.

Love, Dad-Mom

Deon said...

You are so funny - Richard is the same way. We loved your Wanted poster - we did one of those when our kids were little. SOO much fun. We look forward to seeing what you come up with NEXT year!

C and Co. said...

I LOVE YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS!! I am so glad we are on the list and I am really glad we blog together!! I love it!

alexandra said...

As always, you are amazing. We started sending out a letter a couple of years ago after a pretty long hiatus, and people ended up writing us back saying that they thought we'd dropped off the face of the planet! Good for you for keeping up, despite the ridiculously long list of people you must have.

This year, if I'm lucky, I might post ours on our blog. Sad. Preferably before Christmas at least. Even more sad. And it will probably be pictureless. {sigh}

Andie said...

OK, this is getting scary....I'm starting to think we really ARE long lost twins!

I am the exact same way with Christmas cards. I love getting them and I have a reputation when it comes to sending them. I'm always trying to better my letter from the last year. Next year's idea is already stewing in my head.

I've thought briefly about abandoning the process in the name of cost since people can easily read our blog to keep up with us, but I love the traditional Christmas mail too much. Our fridge is plastered with Christmas photo cards till about March.

I'd love to be on the Christmas mailing list of a like soul! Email me at

Charlene said...

I loved your newsletter! I am always impressed with the creative ways people come up with to express their highs/lows of the year. I could never come up with anything exciting so I would fall on the category of letterless...

Deanne said...

We just got ours from you today! Thanks for putting us on your mailing list. I have to admit that I love getting Christmas cards too! Unfortunately, I've never been good about sending them out. Maybe next year (that seems to be what I say every year)...but even if you don't get one from us, keep on sending us yours!

Aitch said...

Is there a reason I haven't received your card yet?!!

Unlike you, I don't love the mailman and usually only check the mail once or twice a week, but I checked it yesterday specifically to get your card and was surprised that it wasn't among the 8 cards there.

You didn't forget me did you? :o(

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