Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good, Better, Best, and "Bestest" News!

Good News: Yesterday I was interviewed on a mid-morning radio show based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Bekah, one of the show's hosts, apparently is a fan of Recipe Shoebox (my recipe blog) and invited me to be a part of their show on blogging.  For the few minutes that the interview lasted, we chatted about how the blog came to be and I in turn answered a few other blogging questions the hosts posed to me. My interview was followed by interviews with four other bloggers, who, based on a few comments I got, are some big-time, real-deal, famous bloggers, who are much more widely known than little old me with a few hundred followers compared to their tens of thousands.     

Not that I care or anything!   I was thrilled for the opportunity and found it a pleasant distraction in amongst the craziness we currently call our life.  After the interview was all done I even overcame my deep-seated hatred of hearing my own voice and listened to the interview replayed.   Only one time though. I heard enough to know that there were a few instances where my nervousness audibly came through in my voice and that I rambled a bit in a couple of places, but I could also hear that I didn't flub it anything like I had in the nightmares I'd had the night before.  I didn't freeze, I didn't have a coughing fit, and I definitely didn't start shouting insults at the hosts.  Whew! 

Better News:
Spencer has been approved  and the Make-a-Wish foundation is going to grant him a wish!  He's not sure what he wants to wish for yet, but he's leaning towards a fun trip somewhere.   I'm very impressed with the Make-a-Wish foundation and am in awe at all the good they do in sharing joy and giving hope to sick kids.  See here for how you can help grant wishes. 

Best News: Spence's ANC was up again and the doctors discharged him from the hospital yesterday!  We had expected it to be sometime this week, but, like last time, were surprised at the pace at which it happened.  We are THRILLED beyond belief to be back together under one roof again! 

"Bestest" News of All: Yesterday we had a new nephew  born! Glen's sister, Lara, (yes, she has an awesome name) just gave birth to her first baby, a little boy named Caleb! Having him was a long journey for Lara and Brett and we're thrilled for them as they enter this new and exciting stage of their lives.  (PS  We're still eagerly awaiting photos of the little guy). 

Bit of Bad News: Glen celebrated being back home by coming down with a knock-ya-flat-on-your-back-icky-stomach-bug!   Here's hoping that the bug stays far away from the rest of the family, especially Spence and Ellie!   Spence for obvious reasons and Ellie because her and stomach bugs do not mix well.  Ugh, I have nightmares just thinking about it!


"The best things in life aren't things."
 - Art Buchwald


shannon said...

Yay for all the good news out-besting each other! Hope the trend continues! Nice job on the interview! Way to go!!! And we are big fans of the Recipe Shoebox, definitely found some family favourites on your blog :)

Julie said...

So glad you get to have Spencer home. Hope Glen feels better soon. Your interview was great! You were awesome!

Charlene said...

Those are great news!!! So happy for your family!!

Karey said...

Awesome news - all of it! What a happy day!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

how fun to hear your voice! you did a great job! so glad that Spencer is home!!

i LOVE to collect recipes too AND my SIL has the same name as me. twinners!

K said...

SO happy for the good news! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Oh PRAISE God for all the joys He brings! What a blessing to read your posts today & having it get better & better! Praying for continued joy, health for ALL & especially Spencer :)

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