Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top Ten of Being Home

A month ago I compiled a top-ten list of being in the hospital.  Now on our last night of being at home together for another month, I thought I'd compile a top-ten list of being at home. 

10--sleeping in the dark!  With the hall lights always on at the hospital, a dark room every night seems like a luxury!  

9--no beeping IV pumps!    Spence totally sleeps through them and while I'm getting better at stumbling to the nurse paging button with my eyes mostly closed, I definitely feel like I'm too old for this much interrupted sleep. 

8--Not a bit of hospital food in sight! Although not as horrible as the stories we'd heard, for someone who likes food as much as we do, it was sure nice eating home cooked food for a week straight!  Spence was especially excited to have freer access to his favorite lunch of all-time....Turkey Wafflewiches!

7-- Spencer (and the rest of us) getting to enjoy fresh air and sunshine during one of the most gorgeous weeks ever.  Spring has sprung in full force and made for some great outdoor time while he was home!

6--Exercising! I'd intended to do more of it while we were all home, but the exercise I did get was greatly enjoyed.    My body eagerly soaked up the bits of sunshine and opportunities to move!

5--Sleeping in our own beds!  Mattress pad on the hospital bed notwithstanding, there's still no place like our own bed. 

4--No stumbling out of the bathroom first thing in the morning to find a team of doctors directly outside the door.    The kids linger outside the bathroom door all the time, but somehow it doesn't  phase me like wondering if a roomful of physicians, med students, residents, and PA's could hear how full my bladder was. 

3--Spence being able to participate in some of teen social scene for a while.  Between the time he spent with his friends from school and church,   he ended up spending a good portion of his time at home hanging out with friends.  I daresay it was as therapeutic for him as it was fun. 
2--Going to church all together!  I loved looking down "our pew" (the one in the back left corner where we've been sitting in for years) and seeing the whole family in a row!  Spence even blessed the sacrament today, which completely melted my heart.  

1--Seeing all of the kids clamoring to hang out with Spencer.  Adam would sit at his side watching him play Scramble and would call out words or reach in and play a few himself.  Ellie just wanted to snuggle up next to him and engage him in conversation.  Emma wanted to chat with him about books.  And Cami stayed up late with him, made him treats, got caught up on tv shows with him, and just hung out with him every second she could.  


  • Round 3 starts tomorrow.  We'll let you know what room he's in after he's officially readmitted. 
  • Popular vote says that Glen is still taller than Spencer by a "hair". 
  • We're taking a tour of Johns Hopkins this week. 
  • Our family home evening lesson tonight was on being selfless and looking out for others.  It seemed apt in a time where people are showering us with service--big and small, that we would try to fill our lives with gratitude and seek for little ways that we can reach out to others right now.  



(acronym from Kim B.  Thanks!)


K said...

I'm so happy Spence gets to spend a week at home with the fam. I'm glad you are enjoying your time together!

It seems like you are really liking being in your own bed again. (o:

I noticed Spence is still wearing his hospital bracelets. Are they permanent for the next few months?

bantcher said...

Thanks for another great post Lara! It was great having Spencer and Glen and Cami helping with mulch madness, and yesterday was indeed the most "blessedly" normal Sunday for many of us since mid-January.


Deanne said...

What a wonderful week. Definitely many pros to being home!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Lara, what a nice surprise to see my FAITH acronym posted :) So happy Spencer (as well as all of you!) were able to come home & be a regular family for awhile :) Praying for you all!!

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