Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moving In...

We decided that if we're going to be long-term residents of room #513, that we may as well make it a little more comfortable... we went ahead and added a couple inches of memory foam to the mattress! 
And it did the trick just perfectly.  The first night we put it on the bed, was the first night I slept past 5:00am since his entrance into the hospital. 

Of course, we still get woke up through the night, but now we are actually able to roll over and go back to sleep for a while. 

Sleep is good. 


....received another 2 units of blood today (his 3rd transfusion).  Is it just me or does the room seem a little Twilight-esque whenever he's getting blood? 

....was running a slight fever last night (less than 100 degrees), but since infections are such a concern with this treatment, the nurses checked his vitals every hour, on the hour, through the night.  It was a long night (even with the memory foam)! still a little weak (even after the transfusion) and still has a sore back after the spinal tap on Thursday.  He is already dreading the next tap coming on Monday.


annalisa said...

I'm glad you got the memory foam and that it is helping.

I pray for you all everyday.

K said...

I had to buy memory foam for Mom's and Dad's guest bed too and it made all the difference!

Poor, poor Spence. It makes me so sad thinking of him being in so much pain. Poor kid. I hope tomorrow is a better day! Love and hugs to all of you!

Momma Nielson said...

Spencer is a rock. And hooray for memory foam!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Always amazed from afar by all the support for Spencer specifically and for the entire family. You are being incredibly blessed for many reasons.

Your strength amazes me. And Spencers strength, courage, and fortitude is off the charts.

Thanks so much for these daily updates, as they mean so much for many of us.

Personally can't wait to get out there next week.

Much love, Dad and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I, too, appreciate the updates. We don't know Spencer nearly as well as we know you and the girls. I feel like we're getting to know him through your updates. And, as I would expect, he's amazing like the rest of you Goolds! We constantly pray for you, even little Haven.

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