Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Hard Day

After a relatively uneventful first week, I suppose it was inevitable that Spencer's first day of feeling yucky would come along sooner or later.  He started the day with low blood counts--not quite enough to qualify for a transfusion--but plenty low enough to zap his energy level.  That combined with coughing all night and getting awakened early for the spinal tap, the day did not get off to a great start for him. 

Still he was happy enough going down to the spinal tap and even commented to the nurse on how the spinal taps were becoming rather run-of-the-mill for him.  All along his week of treatment the nurses have been pleasantly surprised at how well he's done with all the procedures and treatments--with him experiencing very little in the way of side effects. 

Then today it hit him.   The nurse thinks it's all from the spinal tap and the anesthesia that was used, but today he got the horrible spinal backache and a queasy stomach.  That combined with the low blood counts made for the least fun day for him yet.   

We're hopeful that with a little infusion of blood tonight, some Tylenol, and some talkative visitors, that tomorrow will be a better day.  


Thank you for all of your prayers, notes, and kindnesses!  We truly have felt so buoyed up by all of you and can't imagine how hard of a challenge this would be to face without the amazing support of the earthly and heavenly angels surrounding us right now.    


K said...

I am so sorry Spence had such a diffucult day! I pray tomorrow will be a little easier! I remember how much Heather disliked spinal taps and I can't believe how many Spence has already had to endure. He's a tough kid! Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way! Hugs!

Juliet Preston said...

Yes, Spencer is AWESOME! It's amazing what hardships and trials will teach us about ourselves (if we let them). Maybe before he might have considered that he was somewhat AWESOME, but he will firmly believe it to be true from now on to the future. Keep learning!

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