Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Does He Do All Day?

With his recent exit from the average teenage life, suddenly Spencer has found himself with lots and lots of extra time on his hands.  He's still feeling reasonably well, yet he has no homework, no chores, and nowhere to go. 

So what's a boy to do? 

Besides music, Facebook, reading, and video games, he's also recently discovered the floor's plasma scooter.   Usually he's toting around a pesky IV tower that cramps his scooting style, but this day he took advantage of being unhooked for his shower, and he zipped around the floor several times.     Eventually he wants to beat four-year-old Shawn at a race, but I'm thinking he's got some serious technique to hone before he gets that fast.
Although he's one of the "old guys" on the floor, we're learning that there are definitely some pretty cool perks to being a pediatric patient (other than getting sedated for spinal taps).  Besides the carts of books that get wheeled around twice weekly, there are often special visitors as well.  There was an art therapist that dropped by and offered a place for him to express himself artistically.  He kind of scoffed at that idea, but was a little more impressed with Turley the magician, who came and not only showed him a few tricks, but also gave him  a book of some tricks he could try himself.   We've been absolutely amazed at all they do to make these kids and their families feel as normal as possible while their lives are turned upside down.  What an amazing place! 
Sleeping aside, Spencer's absolute favorite thing to do is to  talk and laugh with his visitors.  The numbers of visitors are a lot fewer during the day, now that school is in session, but it's settling out to a good amount--a steady stream, without the big rushes all at once.  Calling the hospital room before a planned visit is always a good idea, just so we can give you  a head's up if someone else is set to arrive around the same time.    His siblings (and cousin) love to visit and I think are a little jealous of all the "fun" it seems like he has here.  

Now we just need to get him some homework to do.* 


*In order to stay caught up in his school work, apparently the hospital works with the county and will bring a tutor to him here in the hospital for a few hours each week.    I guess reading, checking Facebook, scootering, and playing video games can get a little old after a while, because today Spencer informed me that he actually wants some school work to do.   I immediately emailed his school. 

Yesterday was the best day yet for visitors. He still got a steady stream, but there was never a huge rush, and he had at least 20 minutes of downtime between each group.  Perfect! 

He's getting another spinal tap this morning, so that means no breakfast once again. 

He coughed a lot last night, a remnant of the cold he came here with exacerbated by not being able to take a drink, but he is finally sleeping peacefully...just in time to wake him up for his spinal tap.    

For those interested in donating blood directly to Spencer, we were informed that it is best to wait until after the bone marrow matches/non-matches have been determined before proceeding with any blood drives.  Apparently once a patient has received someone's blood, it diminishes the likelihood of accepting that person's bone marrow, should the need arise.  We, of course, are still hoping and praying for an in-family match, but we want to keep our out-of-family options open just to be safe. 


Beth said...

Thanks for the updates. We are standing by, ready and waiting to donate and be tested should you need it. I'm sure there will be thousands in line with us... Our prayers are continually with Spencer and your family!

Valerie H. said...

Spencer could do some indexing for familysearch if he has internet and a computer. It might bore him but it would be helping with family history.

Trisha said...

Hey that's what I was going to say, Valerie! There are a lot of opportunities to serve online. Also, you know that the Snows are ready and waiting to be tested should the need arise.

K said...

I have been wondering what keeps Spence busy all the time. Plasma cars are fun, huh? Is he suffering from boredom at all yet? One of these days he'll probably be begging to go back to school. (o:

We will also all be tested if we need to be.

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