Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anniversary Date to Charlottesville

 The longer Glen and I have been married, the mellower and mellower our special days get.  And by mellow, I mean boring.  

This year was particularly bad.   

My birthday was a minor flop, Glen's birthday was an epic flop, and our holiday celebrations almost non-existent. 

So it was with these celebratory flops fresh in our mind, that we decided to celebrate our pseudo-golden anniversary (18 years on the 18th of December), with a little more flair than our normal  dinner at Sweetwater and a movie date. 

We were so gung-ho that we decided to go on an overnight trip to Charlottesville.   

One night, two hours away from home!  Yeah, we go big. 

We had little planned, so mostly we did a lot of wandering through downtown Charlottesville, stopping whenever some store or restaurant caught our eye.  As per our usual style, it was definitely on the laid-back side of things.

So laid-back, in fact, that I didn't think to bring my lactose pills with me to breakfast and I didn't think to ask until the very end of the meal if the authentic Southern grits  I ate had any cream in them. 

They did. 

And so it was that our big anniversary trip turned into let's-see-if-we-can-locate-every-single-bathroom-in-Charlottesville kind of date, rather than than the romantic stroll through town that we'd planned.

On the upside though, I'm pretty sure that it will be hard to beat 2011 for lame-o celebrations.  Next year's gotta be better....right? 



Aitch said...

Maybe you could start a new tour--the historical bathrooms of Charlottesville.

annalisa said...

hahaha! I like the ad Lara.

The bathroom map seems like something I would need ;)

annalisa said...

Happy anniversary!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Genetically, I have been a very bad father for which I am very sorry. Imagine your dairy farmers daughter Mother marrying a lactose intolerant Okie boy who carried this unfortunate gene into the marriage.

As far as your adventure in C-Ville, all I can say is "been there (lots of theres-not necessarily referring to the uber-lovely C-Ville!) and done that".

As far as your recent series of "laid back" family celebrations, all I can say is 'welcome to middle age' my sweet closer to 40 than 30 eldest daughter.

One of these days-perhaps your 25th anniversary-we will arrange for a grand gala and take you to Israel or somewhere surpassingly lovely (and where all dairy products are verboten).

Steve said...


May all your future anniversaries be lactose-free!

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