Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The World's Most Boring New Year Celebrations

I have no doubt that a few of my more extroverted friends and family will cringe at the recap of this year's uneventful holiday celebrations (if they could even be called "celebrations"): 

The closest thing we got to going to a holiday party this year, was when I met up with 2 friends one morning and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  No food, only tokens. 

Then we spent New Year's Eve night at home, looking at recipes (me), copying the programs (Glen), and watching a movie (the kids).  At 10:30, when the kids were starting to act a little grumpy,  we did a sparkling cider in paper cups toast, then shlepped the kids off to bed.   Whereafter Glen and I spent the rest of the night fighting sleep while waiting for Spencer and Cami to return from the dance.
But guess what?  It sounds anticlimatic, but I frankly didn't mind a bit this year.  It was nice, mellow, and laid-back....just what I needed after a crazy December! 

Happy New Year!


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annalisa said...

Happy New Year! A laid back New Years is not a bad thing in my book ;)

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