Saturday, January 14, 2012

sleeping arrangements

We have learned that, because of the type of leukemia that Spencer has, that he will not be allowed to have a roommate for the duration of his hospitalization.

We immediately took advantage of this knowledge and spread our stuff around the room.
Additionally, we cheered when we discovered that it also means that whomever is spending the night with him can sleep in the other bed.   

I never thought I'd say this, but the hospital bed seemed downright cozy. 
At least compared to the fold-out chair we slept on the first couple of nights! 

What's going on with Spencer tonight?
10 hours of chemo
and lots and lots of sleep (hopefully). 

Thank you for helping him feel so loved today.


patty said...

A silver lining ;)

Momma Nielson said...

Lara, I am so encouraged by our visit with Spencer tonight. He's the same awesome kid he's always been. The strength of his positive uncomplaining nature combined with the power of the Priesthood is an unbeatable combination. We are all rooting for him!! We continue to send lots of love and prayers your way:)

Katie said...

Your optimism is a GIFT

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