Monday, January 30, 2012

The Unveiling

Something we learned about Spencer very early in his life is that he does not like the attention to be on him.  I understand that he sprouted a little class clown streak in his teenage years, but for the most part he's always sought to avoid the limelight. 

Too bad having leukemia isn't very conducive to limelight avoiding. 

He's accepted my blogging as a way to keep people in the loop, but other than that, throughout this experience he's been embarrassed by all of the attention he's received. 

So when I mentioned the whole head shaving party thing to him, he  immediately and adamantly wanted nothing to do with it.  When the day came to lose his hair, he wanted no crowds, no videotaping, and if he had his way, no cameras at all. 

Today when he woke up looking like this...
he quietly agreed to let Glen shave his head.  I had to beg them to wait until I got there with the camera, but other than that one concession, we decided that we would do this 100% his own way---with no fanfare whatsoever. 

Since his platelets are too low to risk getting nicked from a closer shave, Glen did the shaving with the hair clippers and I promised to not go crazy with the picture taking. 

As you can see, it ended up being quite a pile of hair (pictures of the floor didn't count against my quota)....
With the hair gone, you can see more clearly where the hair had already fallen out... 
and that he doesn't have horns or anything.

Stay tuned later this week for a very exciting blogpost featuring all those who have decided to shave their heads (or donate their hair) in support of Spencer.  It's going to be awesome! 

Please send your before/after pics to by Thursday, February 2nd. 



...had another spinal tap today.  The anesthesiologist who sedated him was the first medical professional we've met since we've been here that was rude and condescending.  People like that have no business dealing with patients and we made sure that we reported the experience as soon as we were done! 

...he intends to wear hats most of the time now. 

...this isn't about Spencer, but since just a few weeks ago this blog was merely a place to document our lives and brag about my kids, I just have to report that Cami is running in the district indoor track meet this week.  She's a part of the 4 x 800 m relay tonight and will be running the mile later this week.  Although she's improved a lot over the season, she was completely surprised (and thrilled) for the honor of running in districts!  Way to go Cami! 


The companionship of Christlike friends deeply touches and changes our lives. We should well remember that the Lord often sends 'blessings from above, thru words and deeds of those who love'...Love is the very essence of the gospel of Christ... prayers for help are often answered by the Lord through the simple, daily service of caring brothers and sisters. In the goodness of genuine friends, I have seen the reflected mercy of the Lord Himself.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin


K said...

Madeline thinks it is soooooo cool that Spencer is bald. She immediately called Grandpa to ask if he was bald too. I can't wait to see the gallery of everyone!

monica said...

Oh Lara. That brings me back a few months to shaving mine. I am all teared up. Everyone can shave in support, and its wonderful, but very few know the feelings of having to do so because of chemo. Hugs to Spencer from a fellow baldie. :) one more step of the journey to cross off!

annalisa said...

You rock Spence and Glen! Can't wait to see the post with everyone's pictures.

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