Monday, January 16, 2012

most popular kid in town

Who would've ever thought that getting diagnosed with leukemia would make you the most popular kid in town? 
Since first announcing his diagnosis on Wednesday night, his hospital room has been filled with visitors....
Some of his school friends are close enough to walk to the hospital...
and they come, chat, and play xbox games (with the Xbox the FCHS class of 2013 purchased for him a day after his diagnosis).  You rock Jags! 
Our stake presidency came yesterday and again today (along with our Bishop) to give Glen and I blessings of help and comfort through this trial. 

Friends from church have a little further to drive than his school friends, but they come anyway....
talking, laughing,  and playing magic (the young men's favorite game).
To all of you visitors....
thank  you for not coming when you are sick, thank you for diligently using the hand sanitizer (even when it squirts you in the face), thank you for being positive, and thank you most of all...


(by the way, if you want a picture with you and Spencer, just let me know next time you come.  I sometimes forget to pull out my camera, but as you can see, you never have to twist my arm too hard to take a few.)

His blood counts continue to drop, as is expected with chemo. 

Today he was officially declared "neutropenic" which means he needs to wear a mask in the hallways, visitors shouldn't touch him, and he can't eat raw fruits, veggies, fast food,  lunch meats, soft cheeses, etc. 

He got another spinal tap today.  They are checking his white blood cells and injecting more chemo into his spine. 

He wasn't near so entertaining coming out of sedation as he was the first time, when he sat up, started ripping at tubes, and asking incessantly when he could go back to the room. 

He gets 10 hours of chemo tonight.

We are preparing for a head shaving party soon (if Spencer approves).  Let me know if you want to join us (either in person or by video). 


K said...

Wish we could be there to visit Spencer too, but for now we will have to send love from afar. If Spencer is ever up for some Skype time, call me and we can make it happen.

I know I am always full of questions after your post, but I just looked up neutropenic and wonder if he will be that way the whole time on chemo or if that declaration will come and go. Just wondering...

George said...

Dang, the girls in Virginia are cute.

My hair comes off when you have the head-shaving party.
Please let me know.

You guys are an inspiration!

Uncle-uncle Buddy

The Gardiner Family - Unplugged! said...

My name is Becky Gardiner. I was googling ideas for a FHE on setting goals and came across your blog. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your lessons. Thank you!
Then I hit the link to your blog and was surprised to see pics of your son in a hospital bed with a diagnosis of leukemia. I was diagnosed with AML in May 2007. I underwent chemo, total body radiation, and a bone marrow transplant at the Huntsman cancer center. I know what its like to be in Spencer's shoes and appreciate the family support I see he has.
I have started a donation program where we give tiles w/ a poem about cancer in vinyl to bone marrow patients at the Huntsman. I would like to give a tile to spencer. Where is he being treated? I am also happy to answer any questions you or he may have about treatment and life after leukemia. I have been in remission since my transplant and am doing really well.
Our prayers are with Spencer and your family and I look forward to hearing from you. My personal email is


Becky Gardiner

Cathy said...

Hi Lara,

You don't know me (I'm a friend of your sister-in-law, Karey-- we went to elementary school together), but I've followed your blog for quite a while. Then one day I opened your blog and my jaw dropped-- unreal. I can only hope that you feel surrounded by love.

Anyway, I've been thinking about you guys and praying for your family and keeping you all close in my heart.

I also teach middle school reading at a tiny school in Pennsylvania. A few years ago I found the most amazing author- Jordan Sonnenblick- and introduced my students to his first book, "Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie." The story is amazing-- you'll laugh and cry-- but it's about a young boy with leukemia. My students LOVE The story and as the author has continued to write more books, he has done a great job incorporating some of the characters from the first novel. Judging from the way you write your blog and your sense of sarcasm, you will LOVE his writing style.

I know this can be a trying time, and perhaps the last thing you want or need is to read about something so close to home, but perhaps you might find it somewhat comforting.

Please know that in a small Pennsylvania town there are a bunch of people praying for your son and your sweet family.

Blessings Galore!

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