Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sibling Love for Spencer

Today was the day....

the kids overcame their fears...

and we all got our blood tested to see if any of us might be a bone marrow match for Spencer. 

(Don't mind how completely exhausted I look in this picture.  I'm actually much more well-rested than I was earlier in the week.)

Emma wins the prize for bravery when they had to poke her twice when the first one didn't work.

In order to get our blood tested, I had to register us all in the hospital.  I was kind of annoyed at the long process, that included us each getting hospital bracelets, but after we were all registered and they handed each of the kids a very generous goody bag, no one was complaining anymore. 

Especially Ellie...

and Emma, who decided she wouldn't mind getting her blood tested every day...if she got prizes this cool.   

FYI  Each sibling has a 25% chance of being a full match,  but it will take a few weeks to find out the results.  Of course, I will make an update when we find out. 


He celebrated his "week-i-versary" in the hospital by having a relatively quiet day, without any procedures and without as many day-time visitors now that school is back in session. 

He got some noise cancelling Bose headphones from his uncle, which he has pretty much dubbed the coolest thing ever.    I plan on borrowing them next time I want to take a nap.  

His friends came and hooked him up to Xbox Live.  I don't know exactly what that means, but apparently it's pretty cool too. 

We've met a few other Hem-Onc patients the last few days and it's been fascinating to hear their stories.  Obviously Spencer is one of the big kids on the pediatric floor, so the kids are fascinated with him and his big brotherly vibes.  We love watching the kids,  mostly bald and wearing masks, while they race, without a care, around the corridors on their trikes.  


clarsen said...

Way to go kids! Having your blood drawn can be scary. Would Josh and I be considered "family" for a bone marrow transplant if none of your kids are a match?

K said...

I really hope that someone in your family is a match for Spencer! According to Tom's math there is an 80% chance of having a match in your immediate family. Hope he's right. (o:

Everyone in your family looks very cute getting their blood drawn!

Heather said...

Thanks for taking so many pictures and keeping us all in the loop. We're around all day if we can be of any assistance to you. Aaron and Josh would like to offer their services, especially if it requires them to come and "help" by playing an Xbox game with Spencer during school hours. Homeschooling is helpful that way.

Trisha said...

My heart is full. I love this family so much, and I am so grateful for your examples. Huge hugs!

cynthia said...

what is the address of where spencer is staying? us back here in the west would love to send some things for you and spencer. please know that you are in our prayers and will be continually. i wish you all the best cousins :) we love you all!

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