Monday, March 5, 2012

Leukemia in Pictures

                    Before:    The shag                                                       After: Bald is beautiful


Before:  Will I sleep through my 5:00am alarm?    

After:  The IV's beeping for the fourth time tonight?!  


Before:  cell phone with no data plan and one computer to share among 7 people

After:  latest and greatest technology at his fingertips 24/7


Before:  I have a huge test tomorrow...maybe I should study. 

After:  Hmmmm....should I play Words with Friends or Scramble with Friends today?  (By the way his user name is "lsattack" if you want to challenge him.  Beware though, he's pretty good at both of them.)


Before:  Can I go hang out with my friends as long as I'm back by midnight?   

After:  Can I stay awake the whole time my friends are visiting me? 


Before:  Should I take a test prep class before taking the ACT and SAT?

After:  Will I be able to graduate with my class next year? 


Before:  Will I make the varsity lacrosse team this year?

After: How many laps can I do around the hem/onc floor today? 


 Before:  Pizza or burgers?
Platelets or blood? 

                Before:  Beach bod                                       After:  Shower bod



His ANC is still zero, but his blood is starting to form monocytes which docs say is indicative of counts going up soon.  He'll be able to go home as soon as his counts are around 250 and trending steadily upward. 

Other than not sleeping the greatest, he is still feeling pretty well.  :)

I've been informed that I should apologize in advance if any girls bump their heads while swooning at the second-to-last photo.   Sorry. 


"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping 
stones out of stumbling blocks."
                                                                                   - Jack Penn


Trisha said...

Perspective leaves me speechless. Love you Spencer! Always in our prayers :-)

K said...

Life can sure change overnight, can't it?

Hope Spence gets to go home soon! Lots of love to all of you!

Chelsey said...

Oh Lara I love this post! That is just the plain truth and it is awesome to see how easily people can be in your head through your least a portion of it. I love your beautiful head. Every prayer even meals are for Spencer...

Jana said...

So glad Spencer is feeling a little better and that they were able to find some medicine to help him feel better. Alyvia fasted for Spencer on Sunday (as did our family) and it was her first fast that she didn't complain the whole time about how hungry she was. I'll let her know he's feeling better. I also wanted you to know in case you didn't already, that the primary and other members of the ward are praying for Spencer publicly. He is definitely in everyones thoughts and prayers. We're rooting for you Spencer!!

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