Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birth Order and Picture Taking

When I was a kid I loved perusing the pages of mine and my siblings' baby books.
Being the oldest in the family, mine was full of cute photos of me and  interesting tidbits from my early years. 
Did you know that Spencer W. Kimball (the modern day prophet at the time) tickled me and called me, "Angel" when I was a baby?  Although I was far too young to remember it happening, it was meaningful enough to read that it happened that we named our first son after him. 

I learned from reading my next younger brother's baby book that the first sentence he ever uttered was, "Lara did it."  While he was probably telling the truth about who did it, I used to tease him mercilessly for blaming me for everything from the moment he could talk. 

After that brother, though, the stories start getting pretty sparse.  By the time the eighth child rolled around my parents didn't go much past writing his name and birthdate in his baby book.    Baby pictures of him are few and far between.

In our family it's a bit different.  We have quite a few pictures of Spencer and Cami, then sometime before Emma was born our camera broke.  Digital cameras were still a bit on the pricy side and we didn't want another film camera, so we went without a camera at all for a couple of years.   All of the pictures we have from those first couple years of Emma's life were taken by other people. 

Eventually we got our first bottom-of-the-line digital camera and picture taking resumed again.  Baby pictures of Adam are poor quality, but plentiful.  Then I discovered blogging, got a better camera, and unlike my "baby brother",  Ellie is  by far the most photographed of all of our kids.  

So it shouldn't have surprised me too much, when we finally went raspberry picking on Labor Day when I uploaded the pictures from our Labor Day raspberry picking adventures that I found one picture of Emma with her friend Elena...

 and the rest were of Ellie.  

Perhaps I should feel guilty for not being better about photographing everyone...

but then again there's no one else who still happily and willingly poses for my pictures anymore.  

Except the raspberry jam I made yesterday afternoon...

it not only willingly submitted to me taking endless pictures of it, but it also allowed me to spread it over homemade bread for the berry best treat ever! 

And with that bit of cheesiness, I think I shall go to bed now or  I'm going to be in a real jam come tomorrow morning! 


Steve Rosanna said...

Altough our story is fairly typical, mom and I are deeply conflicted by our failure to document the lives of our younger children. We utterly failed our youngest three or four children as we grew older and tired and lazier. Fortunately, each of them seemingly has overcome these obstacles and succeeded in life. Scarred perhaps, but ....

We so admire your dedication and excellence in documenting the life of your family. I am reminded just how blessed we are to literally be able to follow your lives from afar on a daily basis. As compared to your grandparents who only got to see you every other year or so long before the advent of modern technology. How blessed we are

Thanks for including us in your lives!

Deanne said...

Love hearing your childhood stories and always love your photos! The jam looks delicious. Where did you go to pick berries?

annalisa said...

Yeah Mom and Dad took very few photos of me as a child. There are a few that exist but not that many ;)

I need to try some of that jam next time I come over. It looks delicious!

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