Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Bright Side

In rereading my last couple of posts, I  realized that I have been dwelling a bit too much on the negativity in my life right now.  Although I am the first to admit that we've had a bit of a rough year this year, I am also the first to acknowledge that our blessings far outweigh our trials.   In an effort to refocus my brain to paying more attention to the bright side again, I've compiled this list of some of the blessings that have been most meaningful to us lately.  The list is definitely not all-inclusive and is not written in any particular order. 

10.  The gorgeous weather.  Clear blue skies and mild temps have been the norm the last few weeks and I am loving it!  I am trying to get everyone to spend as much time outdoors as possible and am considering moving my washer and dryer to the backyard for the next few months to help me amp up my vitamin d levels before winter hits. 

9.  Politics.  Although I am growing weary of the increasing negativity between parties, I am so grateful to live in a country where the people have a voice in who will run our country.

8. Having Glen home.  For as much as we pray that he will find a new job soon,  in the meantime I am enjoying having my hunny to keep me company during the day and also to have him around to help with all the driving. 

7.  A nearby grocery store.  When I am missing an ingredient or two for dinner, I absolutely love being able to walk to the grocery store which is only about 3/4 mile from home.  It's a good excuse for a walk and knowing I have to carry everything home prevents me from buying too much. 

6.  Early morning seminary.  It's a challenge for Spencer and Cami to get up at 5:00am each day, but   I seriously couldn't imagine a better way for them to start each school day  than by studying the New Testament.  On the same note, I love weekly Institute where I can study and discuss the New Testament as well.    

5. An amazing support system.  Family and friends have flocked to our aid this year and never have we felt so indebted to so many people.  Your selflessness in attending to our physical, spiritual, and emotional needs this year has been a blessing beyond measure for our family. 

4.  Good music.  When I am having a hard day, I love how soothing it is to my soul to listen to good music.  I especially love upbeat classical music (like the Piano Guys) and soundtracks (like Les Mis and Wicked). 

3.  Great teachers.   Once again, I love all of the kids' teachers this year and have a sense that they are a good fit for each child's personality. 

2.    The gospel of Jesus Christ Nothing has brought me more comfort during the difficulties of the past year, than knowing that God was over all of it.   Although the leukemia itself was a pretty stinky thing to go through, we have witnessed far too many miracles, large and small, along the way not to realize that God has truly been with us every step of the way. 

1.  Five sweet kids.  A couple of them have been doing more than their fair share of fighting lately, but I love and live for those gentle moments when they are kind and sweet to each other. 

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K said...

I have to try really hard not to post about all my bad days. Truth is though that my rotten days are far more interesting than a normal day. Haha!

I am grateful Tom returns from his trip tonight!

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