Sunday, September 16, 2012

For the Record

With five kids, including two teens and an almost teen in the house, I can rest assured that I will be reminded on a daily basis of my mothering shortfalls.    And believe me when I say that according to anonymous sources, I have lots and lots and lots of shortfalls.    

So instead of dwelling on how lame I am, I've decided that today I'm going to document some of my better mothering moments from this week in hopes that one day they'll look back at this post and realize that I am not lame all the time... 
  • Packed them lunches every day of the week without a single repeat main dish (and no PB&J's)!
  • Three times this week I took advantage of the stellar weather and walked the kids the mile to school.
  • Found Boggle at a yard sale and started giving the kids Boggling lessons.  I figure they have to start young if they have any hopes of beating their Daddy someday...aka Master Boggler of the Universe! 
  • Won a grumpy face contest vs. Adam, which means he laughed first.
  • In the middle of an ugly screaming catfight between two kids (an increasingly frequent occurrence, which usually revolves around one particular child), I cut them off and got them back to smiling playfulness in just a couple minutes' time.  They had to write 10 nice things about the other person. 
  • Started a sewing project  for the first time in years.  Unfortunately it had been so long since I last sewed, that right when I was ready to start sewing, I realized that an important part of my machine (the bobbin case) was missing.   Hopefully once the part arrives from Ebay, I'll be back to it!

  • Caught a cool paparazzi shot of Spence asking a girl to homecoming.  (you can see Spence holding out a dozen yellow roses to the girl in the middle of the track)
(she said yes)


annalisa said...

The weather has been beautiful recently!

Boggle is a great game, although I must admit I have never been very good at it :)

What kind of sewing project are you working on?!

That is a cool shot of Spence and the girl. Did Spence seem nervous or was he just cool about it?

I hope today is a lovely day for you!

annalisa said...

P.S. As I look at the picture again and got a little hint earlier today, I know what the sewing project is ;)

Anonymous said...

Spencer does not get nervous. Nervous gets Spencer.

Annette said...

Ummmm, you stalk your kids with a long lens??? FYI, he may still think that's lame (although as a Mom with a long lens, I think its a awesome shot!!)

K said...

Your top fabric looks very similar to the fabric we just bought to recover our couch pillows. Good taste!

It's good that Spence never gets nervous. I would love for him to send me that trait!

You are a great mom Lara!!

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