Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day by the NUMB3RS

12th grade for Spencer!  We are so happy that he is healthy and well enough to go to school!  He is retaking physics, but is otherwise up-to-par with the rest of his classmates.  He missed the ACT and SAT testing dates in the spring, so he will be taking those sometime this fall. 
11 things I tried to accomplish while everyone was at school.    Unfortunately my list proved to be a little more ambitious than my energy.  

10th grade means my Cami Rose is a sophomore this year.  In addition to taking a challenging course load, she's also running cross country and trying to keep up her cupcake business (only for Saturday orders). 

9-years-old and way annoyed about posing for  first day of school pictures.  Despite the scowl though he's excited about 4th grade and hopes that he does not have as much homework as he did last year!
8 hours of back-to-school paperwork to fill out (and at least that long for my hands to uncramp)

7:30am--when we wake up the younger kids

6th grader, Emma and her friends, are excited to be the kings and queens of the elementary school.  Out of all of our kids, she was by far the most excited about going back to school. 
5:00am--our new wake-up time around here! 
4--how many miles I ran/walked with Glen today.  Man oh man, I  am out of shape!!!!!!
3 kids in elementary school this year! 
2 high schoolers up at the crack of dawn for the next 9 months or so. 

1 little second grader who was uncharacteristically nervous about starting school this year.  She'd had her first day outfit picked out for weeks, but spent the last few days so nervous about  having to officially let go of her beloved first grade teacher and have her first ever male teacher.   

Thankfully it seems that it turned out okay....

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Steve-Rosanna said...

Can only imagine the excitement around your house on this first day of school morning. New teachers, new friends, new classes, new clothes, etc. Always exciting. Everyone looked so anxious to head back to classes. And you must be happy to have everyone in all-day school with no pre-school to prepare for. Whatever are you going to do with all your spare time? ;o)

You have to be excited about getting back to a routine.

Thanks for sharing this precious moment in time-this snapshot in history.

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