Thursday, September 20, 2012

Definitely Not Funny in Real Life

Remember Wile E. Coyote and all of his little "accidents"?  He'd fall off cliffs and get blown up like seventeen times an episode and everyone would laugh uproariously every time...

Well when Wile E. Coyote incidents happen in real life, they're not quite so funny. 

Like when you go out on your deck and step on a loose board and promptly get whacked in the face with the board, knocking you out briefly, and cutting so deep into your lips that the doctor has to stitch the muscle back together before stitching the skin. 

A tetanus shot, vicodin, penicillin, two lidocaine shots into the roof of his mouth,  and 7 stitches later he's feeling numb faced and a little woozy, but otherwise fine. 

And although he's not excited that it happened, we're both exceedingly grateful that by mere fractions of inches that:

a)  it did not damage any teeth
b) it did not touch his nose
c) it did not go all the way through to the outside of his lip.  According to the doctor it was very, very close to ripping all the way through. 
d) that it happened to him and not to one of the kids

Now if anyone has any helpful hints about redoing decks as inexpensively as possible, please let us know.  Ours will be out of commission for a while. 

The offending board.
This is the end he stepped on, which got pushed downward causing  his leg to fall  through
as the other end of the board swung up and hit him in the lip. 


K said...

Oh no! Poor Glen! Was that his welcome home gift? Hope he feels better soon! Maybe this accident will guarantee another interview soon! (o:

Pete said...

Ouch!! We did our deck a few months ago. As long as your frame is still in good shape, it can easily be a diy project. We just watched a bunch of youtube videos, made a plan, borrowed a few tools and went for it. Happy to help.

Denise said...

Ack! So glad he's okay! Poor guy.

Jackie Koll said...

Yikes! Glad he is ok but wow, that looks painful!

JP said...

Oh my! Hope he heals quickly and the pain subsides soon.

Heather said...

Good grief! I'm glad none of a-d happened, but poor, poor guy!

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