Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Week of Summer and Spencer Checkup

Backpacks are filled.  Class schedules have arrived.  They've met their teachers. 

The last week of summer is over and school begins bright and early on Tuesday morning and early morning seminary dawns even earlier on Wednesday morning. 

While I will definitely miss the carefree days with little on our schedule, we are good and ready for a semblance of routine around here.   Especially Spencer,  who may not admit it, but after 9 months without attending school is excited for his senior year! 

So other than going to bed way too late, breaking up yet another squabble among the kids, and eating breakfast around lunch time, how did we spend our last few days of summer vacation? 

Here's a glimpse: 

First and foremost, Spencer had another good check-up this past week!!!!!!    He had some more adventures with the Pentamidine infusion, but after 100mg of Benadryl and a very long nap, he was just fine.  His WBC was 4120, ANC 1740, Hgb 16.5, Platelets 117.  The platelet count is still lower than normal and than his last visit, but the doctor seemed unconcerned.  

I also continued experimenting with homemade fruit leather (grape): 

We had a little family get-together to visit with my uncle and aunt while they were in town. 
Much to Ellie's and my delight, that meant that we also got to see baby Jack again...

In fact, I daresay he was the most popular guy in the whole restaurant! 

Ellie also ate up the time to play with her cousins again...

Spencer attended his school's first football game of the year all decked out for Black-Out night!   He also hung out with friends and went on a date. 

Cami made and sold 16-dozen cupcakes in one day. 
It was a lot of hard work, but she was so thrilled with the results and couldn't stop smiling at her own little "bakery" table.  :)
Oh yeah and we worked....

Besides sweeping the deck and painting Cami's room, we also emptied out and organized the hall closet, are still in process of trying to finish up the kids' room, cleaned up from Cami's cupcake escapades, prepared church lessons (YW for me, children's chorister for Glen), and....
took a picture of a bug on a window at the request of my very cute 2-year-old nephew.  :)

Tomorrow we hope to go raspberry picking (if the remnants of Hurricane Isaac don't rain us out), visit baby Jack and family one more time, go to the fabric store (for Cami and Emma), and have our special back-to-school Family Home Evening night. 


Beth said...

Everything looked wonderful . . . until you showed the stink bug! They are starting to come out more here, too.

Chelsey said...

Love your blog! Are you sending all the kiddos to school or homeschooling one?

K said...

Hooray for another clean checkup!

Also happy to see Cami painting. How is the room looking? Are you done?

Hope the kids enjoy their last day of freedom. We still have a couple more days until school.

The McArthur Family said...

Love, love, love the pics of Cami and her cupcakes!

Steve Rosanna said...

Does anyone have Mr Stephens (aka the Homework King) this year? Is Ellie old enough?

Hello school and goodbye freedom! ;o)

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