Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Week: The Good, the Bad, and the Ironic

A little glimpse at our week this past week....the good, the bad, and the ironic! 

The good:

  • Cami got bumped up to varsity for this morning's cross country meet and despite the hilly course got a PR by 2 minutes!
  • I love working with the young women at church!  It's a busy calling, but they are fabulous inside and out and I am enjoying the opportunity to get to know them better!
  • We just learned that Ellie's 1st grade teacher from last year just had her baby.  Ellie is beside herself with joy and hopes she gets called to babysit soon! 
  • The swelling in Glen's lip has reduced somewhat today and for the first time since it happened, he's starting to feel a little better. 
  • I've been making some apple recipes for the Recipe Shoebox.  Yum! 

The bad:
  • I spent most of the week doing double duty while Glen was out of town.  I may or may not have gotten a little grumpy about it some days. 
  • Glen had only been home a couple of hours when the deck incident occurred.  Not quite the welcome home we'd planned after being apart for a week. 
  • I drove 40 miles to Cami's cross country meet this morning in the middle of nowhere Virginia and missed seeing her run by 2 minutes.    The country roads were not equipped to handle those kinds of crowds and I was more than a little flustered when it took about 45 minutes to drive the last 3 miles to the event.   And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that he poor parking attendant who demanded $5 payment  from me after all that traffic frustration, may or may not have had to pick up the money from the ground.  

The ironic: 

  • That the reason Glen was on the deck in the first place was to check for the loose board that Emma had discovered a couple days previously while he was out of town.  He found it the hard way when his leg went through the deck propelling the other end of the board up to his face. 
  • While Glen was kayaking in Maine for an entire week, I worried for his safety every day.  And I found it sadly ironic that within a couple hours of arriving home safe and sound from Maine with nothing more than some stinky socks and a few blisters, that he ends up in the ER getting 7 stitches. 
  • After a week of eating freeze-dried food in Maine, one of the things that Glen was most looking forward to upon arriving home was some home-cooked meals.  Now his diet consists of cream of wheat, pureed soups, and mashed potatoes.  I'm thinking of buying some baby food for him.  ;)
  • Since injuring his lip, he's had two job-hunt related events (an interview and a career workshop).   And he's had two job offers to be a Botox lip model!  (just kidding on the job offers)


annalisa said...

Go Cami! Congrats on the PR :)

Ellie is going to love being a babysitter when she's old enough :)

That stinks about the traffic and missing Cami run. Traffic is so obnoxious here sometimes.

I hope Glen continues to get better. And that his interviews go well.

mom said...

Congratulations to Cami on her personal best time.

That's terrible that you drove all the way to the meet, missed her run, and still had to pay $5 for parking.

Still praying for Glen's face to heal quickly and completely.
Hoping this week will be great!

Steve - Rosanna said...

Way to go Camikins! Varsity as a sophomore is awesome!! Congrats on your P.R.

Glad Glen is healing up nicely and has some interviews scheduled.

Never ever remember paying for parking at a CC meet, although do remember paying at track meets.

Let there be no mistake-you are my child, as I can totally relate with your obviously rhetorical "money on the ground" scenario. ;o)

K said...

Congrats to Cami! I'm not sure I ever made it on varsity.(o:

What crazy traffic and parking. I would've been mad too!

Poor Glen! It is a bit ironic, but I am guessing he will enjoy a home cooked meal that much more when his lip heals up. I am still rooting for a SoCal job!

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