Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finding Peace

Between the normal season busyness, a case of hormones, and some sad/stressful events going on in the lives of people around me, it's been a stressful week with my emotions going all over the place. All that combined with the events in Connecticut yesterday, made me pause from my holiday prep to squeeze my kids a little tighter when they got home yesterday.   This whole year has been a reminder to me that we never know what lies ahead in our lives and that we need to slow down and embrace the moments as they come. 

Somehow whenever I feel worried or agitated, listening to uplifting music is one of the best ways I know to help soothe my heart.  This video is one I've played several times this week and invariably I have found myself calmer afterward. Not only does the beauty of the music "calm my troubled heart", but I am comforted by the simplicity of its message...that this is a season to remember Christ and that it is through Him and His infinite love for us that we can find true peace. 

“There is terrible suffering in our world today. Tragic things happen to good people. God does not cause them, nor does He always prevent them. He does, however, strengthen us and bless us with His peace.”
Rex D. Pinegar,


Momma Nielson said...

Well said, Lara. That video has also been what's gotten me through this crazy week.

Karey said...

Love that quote, Lara! Thanks for sharing! :)

Cassie Thompson said...

That is my absolute favorite Christmas hymn. What a beautiful version, and what beautiful words you wrote. Thanks for sharing!

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