Sunday, December 2, 2012

Arising and Shining

 On Thursday night I attended an event called Young Women in Excellence, which is exactly what it sounds like...a night for the young women in our church congregation to show off their extreme excellency.    Each girl took a few moments and shared a talent they'd been developing lately.  Some sang songs.  One showed some beautiful artwork she'd created.  Others shared a spiritual insight they'd recently gained.    Emma showed off a scarf she'd knitted herself and Cami announced an upcoming cupcake sale she was planning where all the proceeds will be donated for leukemia research.   Ellie wanted to share some paper dolls she'd made recently, but alas she was five years too young to participate.

Each presentation was truly inspiring and showed skill far beyond what I possessed as a teenager. 

The whole night was beautifully planned (not by me, so it's okay to brag about)  and the  decorations were absolutely gorgeous.  I heard that the refreshments were delicious, but can't say for sure since I held strong and did not actually taste any myself (thank you to the fitness challenge for the motivation).   

The highlight of the night (outside of the girls' presentations) was this activity that went along perfectly with the theme, "Arise and Shine Forth"...

a dozen or so Japanese lanterns floating up into the night sky...

it was pretty much amazing and a sight that I'll never forget. 

Oddly though,  the whole experience made me want to break into this song... 

Except for the fact that I take the term "breaking into song" a little too literally and usually break things in the process....

like eardrums and windows. 


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Steve-Rosanna said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us. We are so proud of each of our granddaughters-especially the two old enough to participate in the YW classes - Cami and Emma.

We have no doubt that the YW program made you and each of your sweet sisters even better and more accomplished women. Mom and I are so delighted that all four of you are BYU graduates and have taken your places in the world. Each of you have achieved levels of excellence far exceeding anything Mom and I ever accomplished.

We are proud of you and your sisters and your noble daughters-Cami-Emma-Ellie! And we love each of you.

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